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iPhone : But if ur partner doesnt feel seen, appreciated or listened to without fear of judgement then what kind of partnership do you have, because it truly is the small moments of our lives that take up the biggest part of our hearts

All by - Prince EA

iPhone : Its about pressing pause on ur favorite show jist so u could listen to their day. Its about the simple things that remembering no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much u argue you’re on the same team. Its the small gestures to show them they are really treasured

iPhone : Its about holding their hand when they are afraid and you might be to but u say β€œim here its going to be ok” its the cuddles right up in the bed the gentle kiss right ob the forehead. Its not always making their heart melt, its about getting them a glass of water

iPhone : Book a limousine and take ur sweetheart to a helicopter ride thats fine, but non of that compares by giving ur consistent undevided love and attention, its not about the fancy dressup dance clubs because slow dancing in the kitchen wearin sweat pants is way better


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iPhone : i saw a tweet recently that said β€œbe careful who you save, you could be interrupting their karma” and i can’t stop fucking thinking about it

iPhone : this quality of this gif just cleared my skin, grew my crops, and ended world hunger

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iPhone : hi everyone! this is my kuya EJ, and hes my 2nd cousin. hes been blind since idk when. hes very smart and we admire him for his faith. were finding someone to sponsor his operation abroad and your rts are of big help. rt to literally save a life. thank you! πŸ’™

iPhone : i just found the most beautiful, most smoothest, most powerful marvel edit.

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