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iPhone : If I’m going to be able to maintain a relationship of any sort, I first need to address the fact that my attention span is like a squirrel’s & learn how to not get sidetracked and leave 50% of all messages on “Read”

iPhone : Kirby and I have been best friends for almost 10 years now but I’ve recently decided he’s weird as shit. He drove to California & lived in his van for a month just hanging out and has now been alone in Iceland for a week living in a rental car, taking pictures😂😂

iPhone : Is anyone else really good at putting things off till their life almost falls apart entirely but somehow manage to make things work out at the last minute every time?

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iPhone : I accidentally stayed up till 2:30am, had to wake up at 5:30am and have 15 assignments due by 3pm today. I’m currently boiling a mouth guard so I don’t chip my teeth because I’m about to chase my entire adderall prescription for the month of May with a 24oz Redbull

iPhone : Back in the day, my dad manipulated an old classmate to DD he & his friends every weekend, hyping the guy up at how good he was at being the DD because he didn’t speed. He was proud of that title too. To show off how good he was at not speeding, he’d go 52mph in a 55mph zone

iPhone : In 5th grade my oldest brother bought me two boxes of glow in the dark condoms to sell in school because they were “cool”.. The letter my principal wrote my parents about the situation was then hung on the fridge next to my other siblings’ accomplishments

iPhone : There’s a park right outside my apartment complex with noisy kids screaming & bopping around all day without parental supervision. It had me thinking.. I know it’s illegal to kidnap a small child but what if it was just as like a joke

iPhone : One time in 8th grade I caught a bee by it’s back and stung my classmate with it and it just so happened he was allergic to bees & hated the prank.. My Facebook friend request to him is still pending

iPhone : My roommate and I are very close friends but there’s something about when he comes home on break wearing his police uniform that makes me sit up straight and try to look like I’m not breaking the law while watching TV

iPhone : After two years away from powerlifting, I’m making a comeback this Saturday. Strength/Powerlifting programs will be available soon! VC:Kibbles Winson

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iPhone : I feel the same way whenever I get jealous of the amount of attention his tweets get for being more funny & well thought out than mine. You should experiment with the “blocking” option Twitter now offers & it’ll save your timeline like it did mine. Thank me later…

iPhone : This girl I’m friends with on snap posted a pic of her dog and I told her how cute it was and offered to buy it, then I insisted on buying it, then I became so hostile about the situation that she blocked me

iPhone : One reason I will likely be forever single is that I’m very particular about a few things. How often a girl showers, how high their sodium intake is, whether or not they chug Big Gulps or Super Sippers, these things are all important