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iPhone : My younger brother now has the 5th most retweeted tweet of all time. My parents are so ashamed. They raised him to be a winner— not some 5th place nobody

iPhone : The Snapchat update is a bigger mess than that one notebook I’ve been using for all my classes, starting on whatever page I open to and storing all my papers under the front cover

iPhone : My dad’s seasonal depression took a turn lastnight when he found his Napoleon Dynamite VHS tape. It sounds like everything is gonna be okay

iPhone : My knife throwing abilities are a result of spending my childhood summers hunting wild game barefoot in the creek.. Still incredibly dangerous😂

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iPhone : A couple months ago I thought I was gonna put a ring on that girls finger, now I don’t even know who she is anymore. Nothing’s guaranteed, my friends

iPhone : I now regret encouraging my elderly neighbor to pick up a new hobby to stay busy. Learning the clarinet, when our bedrooms share a wall, isn’t exactly what I had in mind

iPhone : My roommates & I refuse to cave and turn on the heat in our apartment. It’s now just over 50° and I woke up feeling like I was in the episode of SpongeBob where he left the freezer open

iPhone : My New Years resolution is to quit making the same mistake of getting drunk, posting inappropriate snap stories, then feeling like an asshole and deleting them in the morning

Twitter Lite : My phones been busted for about 4 days now and due to the unbearable boredom, I went back to my roots and popped in the old Guitar Hero game. In case anyone's wondering, I've still got it