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Bio Boss lady. Love F1, loud obnoxious music, my cats and living in the south of Spain, although my heart belongs in Manchester.
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Android : So, just to be clear, we're now actively encouraging the harassment of mentally ill individuals rather than facing up to our (actually quite easy to solve) problems, are we? That's what we're doing? Nice.…

Android : A really cool video created by one of our awesome supporters. Love it! #igniteratings #community #hivemind #swarmtheory…

Android : I feel weird when people describe someone as beautiful "inside and out". It's like, ugh, did you *see* my laparoscopy results because I really hope my face is better, thanks.

Android : Good on Liberty Media and Formula 1 for moving with the times. Vettel's ridiculous comments about the grid guys in Monaco show how outdated the concept of #GridGirls is. Why not have local children as mascots, or #GridKids, for the teams?

Or, bear with me, ...#GRIDPUPPIES!