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Twitter Web Client : mcantelon If it's a public figure, I don't think they have any legitimate claim to sympathy, but they do have a legitimate claim to pointing out how social media mobs are often hallmarks of disproportionality and unreason

Twitter Web Client : Ironically, after a dumb tweet has been amply rebutted, the subsequent excessive pile-on gives the original tweeter a legitimate grievance that he/she would not have otherwise had

Twitter Web Client : Last year, Mulvaney released a budget proposal that ended up bearing no relation whatsoever to the budget that was ultimately enacted. Treating today's proposal as though it's anchored in reality is even less excusable than before.

Twitter Web Client : Daniel B Markovits Trump's perceived role in "inviting bad Russian behavior" does often lead people to conclude that view B is incorrect. But view B can be correct nonetheless; the problem could be that Trump's outsized presence is contributing to faulty analysis.

Twitter Web Client : Are you a rudderless GOP politician who wants to ingratiate himself with the national press corps? Simply drone The Russians Are Winning over and over again and youll easily earn that Strange New Respect you crave

Twitter Web Client : Attention GOP Congressmen: If you're willing to rattle off the typical bromides about "Russia undermining our institutions," you can apparently now get column space in The Atlantic theatlantic.com/politics/archi…

Twitter Web Client : Remember when RT was forced to register as a foreign agent and some people warned that this tactic would inevitably be used again as a political weapon mobile.nytimes.com/2018/02/09/us/…

Twitter Web Client : Serious adult in the room Mattis is "perplexed" by why forces aligned with the Syrian government would want to attack avowed enemies of that government illegally present in their country theamericanconservative.com/larison/trumps…

iPhone : The United States, a country with the world’s largest prison population which frequently bombs and invades other nation states, sometimes has its leaders glamorized in the press. The horror