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Twitter Web Client : There has to be a critique of Trump's actions available to Democrats that doesn't rely on this melodramatic "American democracy is collapsing" trope twitter.com/EricHolder/sta…

Twitter Web Client : The cheap "What Will Happen With Mueller" style of prognostication punditry quickly replaced the cheap "What Will Happen On Election Day" style of prognostication punditry. Requires no real reportorial/analytical effort and easily fills the airwaves

iPhone : “Emergency podcasts” are like amphetamine hits for the paranoid Twitterati, except without the chemical payoff twitter.com/lawfareblog/st…

Twitter Web Client : Late to this, but note the sneaky wording. Found no evidence to dispute the conclusion is not the same as found evidence to affirmatively support the conclusion. But of course the blaring CONFIRMED headlines elide that distinction

Twitter Web Client : There's no "crisis" right now for Wall Street, defense contractors, lobbyists, and all the assorted grifters who profit from the political system as currently constituted. The surface-level "crisis" peddled on Cable News and the daily take machine doesn't imperil those elements.

Twitter Web Client : Theory: always framing every incremental development as an existential threat to the American Republic dulls the senses and actually inhibits the publics ability to understand what is going on

Twitter Web Client : GOP celebrating Haspel as the first female CIA director is half trolling, half admission that they're always prepared to employ the same 'identity' arguments they pretend to despise when it's politically convenient

Twitter Web Client : Interesting 2009 item from David Corn on the unreliability of Special Prosecutors. Curious that we dont have a body of literature now on the limitations of a Special Prosecutors ability to provide the public with truthful information motherjones.com/politics/2009/…

Twitter Web Client : Over-medication of kids is a legitimate topic, but that legitimacy gets diluted when ghouls like North try to cite it as a self-exculpatory explanation for violence in America twitter.com/axios/status/9…

Twitter Web Client : Chuck Todd spent today's episode of Meet the Press asking probing questions about... John Podesta's emails. Does anyone really find that subject interesting at this point. Mueller saga keeps the media perpetually stuck in a 2016 time warp

iPhone : The only way this kind of sadism gets published in a national newspaper is because a US client state has successfully “normalized” the dehumanization of its occupied subjects twitter.com/sarayasin/stat…