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Twitter Web Client : Lots of people who regularly complain that distrust of media Threatens Our Democracy display curiously little interest in how these journalistic fiascos keep happening twitter.com/theintercept/s…

Twitter Web Client : Perhaps part of the problem is that Congressional staff primed to believe the most histrionic interpretation of "Trump/Russia" also know that any leak will be immediately promulgated as blaring OMG BOMBSHELL news by media outlets

Twitter Web Client : What a humiliating day for the media. NBC's Ken Dilanian claimed he independently confirmed that bullshit CNN story, then spent 3 minutes strongly implying WL gave special email access to TrumpWatch: youtube.com/watch?time_con… - you can't do this, then act offended at "Fake News"

Twitter Web Client : If the sources gave blatantly false information that radically skewed the entire premise of the story, maybe the sources don't deserve anonymity anymore twitter.com/CNNPR/status/9…

Twitter Web Client : Most Americans don't realize that Palestinian Christians are as unhappy about the occupation as Palestinian Muslims. In fact, most Americans probably don't realize there *are* Palestinian Christians. twitter.com/RobertMackey/s…

Twitter Web Client : Only in a society that is mindlessly worshipful of state authority could you commit an act as villainous as this *on video* and get away with it youtube.com/watch?v=M62Va6…

Twitter Web Client : Part 782039 of "In the breathless rush to report every incremental development in the Trump/Russia saga, journalistic standards go out the window" washingtonpost.com/politics/email…

Twitter Web Client : Democratic congressional candidate Doug Applegate, favored to unseat Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) next year, is said to be highly reticent to agree to a demand by the DCCC to demonstrate unity with his rival Democratic candidates
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iPhone : This whole “I’m resigning, but won’t make it official for a couple weeks” shtick is a last-ditch crisis PR move to lessen the impact