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Android : In 2008 DFID committed to a 10-year project to clear landmines in the western province of Herat, Afghanistan.

Thanks to this project, Herat has been transformed:

UK in Afghanistan #ukaid #aidworks #Afghanistan

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Android : The TAPI Pipeline Project is said to bring in $500 million USD annually in transit duties to #Afghanistan, says Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. President Ashraf Ghani: “South Asia is going to connect with Central Asia through Afghanistan, after a century of separation.”

Android : Happy to hear about Afghan free fighters Ahmad Wali Hotak and Baz Mohammad Mubarizs victories over their rivals in Dubai. Congrats to both of them! Sports and education is the path ahead for the youth to choose.

Android : Pleased to be in the ancient city of Herat again. Will inaugurate the arrival of TAPI pipeline. Will also meet with the heads of delegations from Turkmenistan, India and Pakistan during the inauguration.

Android : “این خط لوله به یک پروژه اقتصادی محدود نیست، بلکه جزِ از برنامه بزرگ انکشاف ملی است که برق، فایبر نوری و شاهراه ترانزیتی را در بر دارد که دو حوزهِ بزرگ اقتصادی و تاریخی کشور ما (هرات و کندهار را از مسیر سیستان بزرگ فراه، نیمروز و هلمند) با هم پیوند می‌دهد.“ریس جمهور غنی، هرات

Android : Transparency Int’l Transparency Intl Corruption Perceptions Index this year showed AFG improve by 7 points over the past 6 years, attributing the improvement to "initial efforts nationwide to improve key policies, including better regulation of national procurement activities.” 1/2

Android : A global money-laundering watchdog has decided to place Pakistan back on its terrorist financing watch list.
The move is part of a broader U.S. strategy to pressure Pakistan to cut alleged links to Islamist militants unleashing chaos in neighboring Afghanistan& in India. RFE/RL

Android : Saudi Arabia joined Turkey and China in a move to block a U.S.-led attempt this week to place Pakistan on an international terror-financing watch list.…

Android : Despite years of investment, the Afghan army fields less than 900 women soldiers, far fewer than the goal of 5,000, according (SIGAR). All the women are literate & will go into 1 of several non-combat roles, including mngmnt, HR, logistics, radio operations, or intelligence.

Android : Afghanistan has for the first time a comprehensive criminal code, (CALLS FOR ROBUST FRAMEWORK TO PROTECT WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE) complying with international treaty obligations in criminal justice and incorporating modern best practices in criminology. #unama

Android : Rights group Amnesty International's annual report documents human rights violations in nearly 160 countries and claims 2017 saw the politics of hate and fear normalized by some of the most powerful leaders in the world. #voa

Android : Volcano of anger is erupting in Pashtun areas of Pak with epicenter in FATA+PATA. It’s against Taliban war,state repression,sociopolitical disempowerment & humiliation. Use of brute force can turn it into full blown revolt.Pol parties/media need to catch up.