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Bio Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.
Albert Einstein

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Android : Pres.Ashraf Ghani at Iftar hosted for Islamic countrys ambassadors & diplomats in Kabul: We need unity & solidarity among the Muslim countries via enhanced state to state cooperation. Islam as a civilization and culture has to be explained to younger generations of Muslims.

Android : A group of #peace activists march hundreds of miles, from #Helmand to #Kabul, demanding an end to violence in #Afghanistan. The group members are few but “mighty few,” chasing peace, the dream of an entire nation.

Android : #Iran could have used the money from #JCPOA to boost the economic fortunes of a struggling people. Instead the regime spent it fueling proxy wars & lining the pockets of #IRGC, #Hizballah & #Hamas. Iran advanced its march across the Middle East during JCPOA.

Android : Two Pakistani and an Afghan nationals have been arrested during an operation in Bothkhak district, Kabul today. 3suspects were carring more than 3kg of explosives, 100k of money & Pakistani IDs - ANA said in a statement.

Android : محسن داوڑ نے جلال آباد میں ہونے والے دھماکوں کی مذمت میں ایک ٹویٹ کیا جس کے نیچے قومِ یوتھ، خلائی خدمت گاروں اور اس قسم کی دیگر انواع کی جانب سے مغلظات کا ڈھیر لگ گیا۔ اس سے پتا لگتا ہے کہ پاکستان سے باہر صرف جموں کشمیر، سیریا، فلسطین اور برما سے اظہارِ یکجہتی کرنا جائز ہے-

Android : د جلال اباد د کرکټ په میدان کې څنګه چاودنې وشوې؟ کریم صادق یې درته کیسه وايي. دی په میدان کې و چې چاودنې وشوې، وايي ځینې "ملګري یې شهیدان او زخمیان" شول.
Karim Khan Sadiq…

Android : Pakistan Hacks Human Rights Defenders Computers
...We uncovered an elaborate network of attackers who are using sophisticated and sinister methods to target human rights activists.…

Android : The war's $1.07 trillion cost has three main components. First is the $773 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations funds specifically dedicated to the Afghanistan War. 2nd is the increase of $243b to the base budget of the DoD. &3 $54.2b to the D oV.…

Android : Individual such as Hedayatullah Zahir and their efforts are key to transforming the nation. Their losses will be felt for a long time. They are irreplaceable (and not just numbers)…

Android : ...This truth-aversion explains Pakistan’s lack of credibility even when its policy positions and arguments are justified and sound.…

Android : Another murky episode from #Pakistan: If Retd Lt. Gen Shahid Aziz was killed in #Afghanistan, he affirmed his Islamist extremist sympathies. If he is alive, as claimed, he should come on TV to prove reports of his death wrong.…

Android : بشریت چه لا په دار دې غلې څنګه اوسم
د زړه په سیمه مې ګوزار دې غلې څنګه اوسم
په پسرلی کښ بارانونه چه د وینو اوشول
پرهر پرهر مې ننګرهار دې غلې څنګه اوسم