TweetDeck : If you start "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins right now it will last over an hour.

Grabyo : Relive: 250! Collins Injera of Kenya Rugby scores his 250th try, the second most of any player on the series... EVER! #Canada7s

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iPhone : 🎥 Interview: we spoke to Collins Injera of Kenya Rugby after his sides quarter final win over England #Canada7s

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Bakocom : Stephen Stills and Judy Collinsing to #Bakersfield #Bakersfield 📰

_my_ebay_fixboat : [SALE] Allen Collins Men Dress #silk #tie 3.75 wide 57 long Made visit our ebay store

iPhone : Ya WCW in Miami losing her morals in a 3-star hotel on Collins Ave. she told you she was drained from the sun and turned in early but her homegirl forgot to block you on Snap. She letting a 6’4 D-1 athlete take shots off her titties . She pulled him in and lick his neck. Damn

iPhone : Whenever I get caught singing along to music at work, it’s never a trendy song. It’s always the bee gees or Phil Collins or some such excellence