Buffer : Results are IN.

On average, Firefox Quantum’s Private Browsing loads page 2.4x faster than Chrome in Incognito mode: mzl.la/2AfKASM

Flamingo for Android : I love the Firefox 🔥 No-Connection-Dinosaur. I mean, he cant connect the cables because his arm are too short. Love him. 😂😍

Hatena : “速くなったと評判の「Firefox Quantum」をもっと速く使う方法が明らかにされる - やじうまの杜 - 窓の杜” htn.to/9uncB6

Twitter for Mac : Must-Have Extensions To Get You Started With The New Firefox Quantum medium.com/the-mission/9-…

Facebook : Avec l’arrivée de Firefox Quantum, Mozilla a promis des gains de performances majeures. Afin de prendre la mesure... fb.me/SSngPEJn