Twitter Lite : Very sad news hearing Jim Bowen has died. Always seemed such a lovely man and I was only watching Bullseye the other night.

iPhone : Following the terribly sad news of Jim Bowens passing well be showing the Bullseye documentary, You cant beat a bit of bully at 9pm tonight, followed by 3 hours of Bully.

And from 6am on Saturday well show 24 hours of Bully b2b, in tribute to the great Jim Bowen.

Android : Jim Bowen: Comedian and former Bullseye host dies at 80 -… You can't beat a bit of Bully one of his most famous catchphrases along with keep out of the black and into the red, you get nothing in this game for two in a bed. Another legend gone!

Twitter for Windows Phone : Jim Bowen RIP great comic we worked together many times had a lot of laughs together. Jim & Ken Dodd sad time for the entertainment industry

Android : GOD: So. I believe you know how the universe came into being...?
GOD: OK. (beat) Can you explain it to me?
HAWKING: Well. There are infinite alternative universes.
JIM BOWEN: In other words, look what you could have won.
GOD: Jesus...
GOD: Oh fuck off.