Facebook : Za jednu propařenou noc jsem si vypěstoval zcela nový druh závislosti. Jsem závislý na Kingdom Come:... fb.me/4brLCqFbc

Google : Ich mag das YouTube-Video: youtu.be/SnUqU5Aorxk?a Kingdom Come: Deliverance ☆ Vom Jungen zum Mann ☆ Livestream Marathon

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iPhone : The Museum of the Moon at the Kingdom of the Sun: come catch a glimpse of the moon by artist Luke Jerram installed at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur.

#MuseumOfTheMoon #InspiredByIndia #70years #Lukejerram #Installation #BritishCouncil #TheCityPalaceMuseum #Udaipur #Rajasthan

TweetDeck : Kingdom Come Deliverance is a 10/10 game in my book.

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Google : Ich mag das YouTube-Video: youtu.be/1Un_r0qEcyk?a Die Geschichte beginnt hier... ◈ Kingdom Come Deliverance ◈ LIVE [GER/DEU]

Google : Kingdom Come: Deliverance. #1. Серебряная Скалица 1403 год.: youtu.be/8nGq-_197cg?a на YouTube

Android : Live - with Kingdom Come, what a life!