Android : United 3
Liverpool 1
Blind , Herrera , Martial

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Android : Lingard, Martial e Rashford. 😂

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iPhone : United’s chances of getting anything from the game only increase with one of those players - Martial.…

Twitter Web Client : I wonder if people have any idea what this means. During Marcos' martial law, anyone could be "arrested" - actually summarily picked up without a warrant - by the police or military or "agents." This lays the groundwork for that kind of terror.…

iPhone : our teachers consists of a martial artist, 2 pairs of star-crossed lovers, 3 college grads of RCI, 1 magna cum laude of UPD, a doctor with PhD and nakalimutan ko na yung iba kasi sobrang dami, at marami pang iba so wag niyong mabanggit na walang kwenta turo kasi mapapahiya ka lan

Android : Rashford: "Fastest player at Manchester United? Me, Anthony Martial or Rom (Lukaku). Jesse's fast, faster than he looks. Paul (Pogba) thinks he's up there."

Android : I've done 10 years of martial arts, have some self-defense tips, 'cuz why not.

When trying to hit someone with your hand-shaped group of tiny bones, don't hit their large, sturdy skull. This hurts your tiny bones.
Go for the throat – shit's squishy.