Android : Read this Christopher Steele piece. Now consider this:
-Tillerson has spent $0 of the $120 million Congress gave him to counter election meddling
-Trump refuses to implement bipartisan congressional sanctions on Russia
-Trump has not directed FBI / NSA to counter Russian meddling…

iPhone : After reading Jane Mayer’s piece on Christopher Steele in The New Yorker, it’s “check please.” Trump conspired with Russia during the election and continues to conspire with Russia. Not arguable. Only question: How much longer to allow a compromised POTUS to destroy Democracy?

iPhone : Take this in: Trump/Tillerson State Dept has spent ZERO DOLLARS out of the $120 M allocated to defend us from ongoing cyberwar waged against America by Russia.…

iPhone : A Russian cargo plane crashed Tuesday in Syria, killing all 32 people onboard, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

iPhone : This isn’t a parking ticket. This is an investigation into traitors that interfered in our election with Russia. I don’t care if Sam Nunberg has to spend all year going over emails with Mueller’s team. This is a fight for our democracy, not a Sam Nunberg convenience convention.

iPhone : This fraud STILL hasn’t explained how he briefed Harry Reid in AUGUST on Russia, info in the dossier showed up days later in a letter from Reid’s office, but Brennan claimed he didn’t know the details of the dossier during the brief. He’s a fraud. He knows Justice is coming.…

Twitter Web Client : Today we found out the real reason why Trump attacks former British spy Christopher Steele. It’s because he’s been investigating Trump Tower since 2011. His probes led to 44 Russia-linked indictments. 30 of them were Russian mobsters indicted for laundering money in Trump Tower.