Twitter for iPad : Dallas is done. And The Eagles are the Super Bowl favorite in the NFC

Twitter Web Client : SUPER BOWL ODDS
(14 teams better than 100/1)
Pats 3/1
Steelers 5/1
Eagles 5/1
Saints 10/1
Vikings 15/1
Rams 20/1
Seahawks 27/1
Falcons 27/1
Panthers 27/1
Chiefs 30/1
Jags 30/1
Lions 37/1
Titans 50/1
Cowboys 80/1

iPhone : I see Eagles fans acting like they are the greatest team of all time. Let me bring you back to reality

1. You have One win Vs a team with a winning record (Panthers)

2. You lost to the Chiefs - Giants beat the Chiefs

3. You have 0 Super Bowls

carry on with your day

iPhone : Kendrick Pride BirdsFlyHigh™ Rich waddington Seth Joyner Skip Bayless Ezekiel Elliott Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys) 's Twitter Profile">Dallas Cowboys Jordan Hicks Dak Prescott carson Alfred Morris Anthony Hitchens Washington Redskins Like how da 2012 LA Kings won da Stanley cup as an 8 seed or how da 2005 Steelers and 2010 packers both won Super Bowls as 6 seeds. People love writing off da Dallas Cowboys) 's Twitter Profile">Dallas Cowboys ,but da season is far from over for dem. Once dey get healthy, den things will ameliorate. WeDemBoyz!

Android : Chiefs beat the Eagles & Patriots. Giants beat the Chiefs.
49ers beat the Giants.

The 49ers are the best team in the NFL. : NFL Live Today | Week 12 Power Rankings: Eagles Still The Best Team?……

iPhone : My Final Thoughts™️ from Dallas:

The Eagles can beat anyone,

Cowboys cheerleaders are no more special than any other cheerleaders,

The stadium is super corporate,

And Cowboys fans fit all of the sterotypes.

Overall, it can be confirmed. Dallas. Sucks.