iPhone : Imagine the President of the United States rolling around the West Wing, disoriented, ranting, angry, carrying on and paranoid, dreaming up public policy -- it's a dangerous thing for America. Get ready for impeachment!

iPhone : Republicans, the president of the United States praises a communist autocrat for becoming dictator for life and then suggests they keep him in power for life. Wake up. twitter.com/brianstelter/s…

Twitter for iPad : No, we won’t entertain a “President for Life.” We won’t pull the license of TV stations we don’t like. We won’t jail our political opponents.

We are the United States of America, and we cherish our democracy. twitter.com/brianstelter/s…

Mobile Web (M2) : Live pictures of Chelsea fans watching Nemanja Matic score a goal of the season contender for United

iPhone : President Trump could sign a bill from Congress any day ending protections for all wolves in the United States. This would be a death warrant. Take a stand: bit.ly/2FdYbgd

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Twitter for iPad : Nunberg says he's never spoken to Gates or Manafort—ever—and never spoke to Hicks or Lewandowski during the period Mueller is looking at, so we've narrowed down who he's now protecting to:

* Himself
* Stone
* Bannon
* Cohen
* Page
* Schiller
* The President of the United States

Hootsuite : Sinologists on what’s really going on with Chinese influence in Australia: “Xi seems convinced he can save China and make it great again.” ow.ly/8ePi30iHQNa

IFTTT : New on Ebay for the United States Imac Apple iMac 27 Desktop - MD063LL/A late 2012, 3.4 GHz i7 16GB ORIGINAL BOX ift.tt/2oGy87q

iPhone : She served in the Israeli army as required to by law. Not to mention the violence by Israel towards Palestine is backed by the United States..but no one shows anger towards American troops huh? twitter.com/rhysfeyr/statu…

Android : Norway has just announced that they will be banning semi-automatic weapons by 2021. They haven't had a mass shooting in 7 years and they are doing more than we are in the United States.

Wake Up America!!

Twitter for iPad : It is Monday, March 5, 2018. One citizen, I humbly call for the resignation of Donald J Trump as President of the United States. Please RT fellow citizens and pass it on. #Resist #Resistance #TheResistance

WordPress.com : Five Things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Crystal Palace 3-2: Matic na hero manutdinpidgin.com/2018/03/06/fiv…