Android : I am so emotional. I never thought I would see this day. Mugabe has resigned in my lifetime. This is a stepping stone towards the Zimbabwe we want. It won't be easy. #Zimbabwe

SocialFlow : President Robert Mugabe has resigned via letter, speaker of Zimbabwe's parliament says, halting impeachment debate : This is what weve always wanted - Zimbabwe activist breaks down in tears of joy after Robert Mugabes resignation

iPhone : Scenes of jubilation in Zimbabwe capital after resignation of Robert Mugabe announced

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Android : We are getting a lot of inquiries about changes to our policies on the import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. You can find more information here:… and answers to FAQs:…

Android : In Solidarity with Zimbabwe! ❤️⁣

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Android : #ThisFlag 🇿🇼 Founder Pastor Evan Mawarire in tears.

You cant hear what he is saying but his tears tell a THOUSAND stories.

#Mugabe Resigns


Android : #Zimbabwe to all the lovely Zims I know I'm so happy for you 🤔🍾💕 Fantastic news..good ridence Mugabe.But elections are needed ASAP with a general election after 4 years so the country NEVER gets stuck with one leader as before