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Bio just because I Rock doesnt mean Im made of stone πŸ˜„. Irish Philadelphia Eagles fan 🏈 proud dad to my 2 daughters. #FlyEaglesFly
Location cavan ireland.
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Twitter for iPad : If that's fashion I'm happy in my tracksuit bottoms & t shirt.…

Twitter for iPad : So to stop guns he wants more guns in schools.. Makes sense πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„…

Twitter for iPad : Elaine My mother can't even sort out her own love life never mind mine. Look, it's great if parents get along well with your partner but to be so involved in your relationships & interfering in your love life that they choose your date is a recipe for disaster.

Twitter for iPad : Elaine Would 100% not love to treat themselves?. Think 14% lied. Life is for living, from take outs, wine/beer, chocolate, nights out or a holiday we couldn't function if we didn't have some form of a treat to look forward to. Everything in moderation but enjoy.

Twitter for iPad : Elaine When I'm ready to fall asleep I don't like to be touched at all. I'm always warm so if the wife cuddles me I'm then too warm & can't sleep. Also I often woke in the night wanting to strangle my wife because her elbow would be digging into the back of my head.

Twitter for iPad : Amanda Brunker The next 1st Jan would then be a Saturday on a non leap year so the day before 31st Dec.. Answer should be Friday.

Twitter for iPad : Elaine Id agree with it. At this age mortgage is paid, kids don't need minding anymore. Hobbies are so important when retired but if your hobbies are more seasonal like golf, the cold/wet weather in Ireland encourages people into the only social place..the pub.

Twitter for iPad : Elaine If you can find a problem with such a small area as a belly button I'd hate to know what goes on in your head about the "flaws" you think you've got with the rest of your body. Some People need therapy & education about natural bodies more than surgery.

Twitter for iPad : Elaine All the best for the tattoo tomorrow Elaine Crowley . Something tells me the ratings on the show may go up Wednesday since you told the country where on your body you're getting it done 😜😜.