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Bio Building an army of people who believe happy families are the answer to 73% of our worlds problems! *Husband *Father of 5 *Co-Founder of Maker Studios & Trixin
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iPhone : Jennifer It made me bawl! I had to share it. Literal tears streaming down my face. As I’ve been seeing that picture on my timeline I scroll past it quickly because I know it will make me emotional again.

iPhone : Very dark times with Chester See

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iPhone : Can this be the new method of burial!? I don’t want to be cremated or sleep in a casket forever! I want my body stuffed in a space suit, strapped inside a Tesla and then rocketed into eternal orbit.…

iPhone : 🌲 Elon Musk Where is the pine tree air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror?! #Fail #ThoughtYouWereSmart…

iPhone : Molly Rich I ain’t shafting nobody Molly! But do you realize that there are at LEAST 209 cameras pointed at every single one of them. This night is DEF being documented. The point is they want those selfie videos to post on their socials. All I’m saying is...ARE WE SLAVES TO THE SOCIALS???

iPhone : Has the timeline ruined us? Why do I feel weird that they all have their phones? Will they think about the views/likes on their posts more than the trophy or the ring? I don’t know? We are all always on our phones... #GetOffMyLawn #CongratulationsEagles #SuperBowl…

iPhone : #SuperBowl

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iPhone : I couldn’t find my car keys or my shoes so I said a prayer and then I walked in my room and found my home boy Jesus helpin a brother out!

iPhone : Remember that one time when you were told to remember that one time but you don’t have context or memories to relate to... “that one time” so you just laughed out loud to feel like you were part of the nostalgia? Me neither!