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Bio Building an army of people who believe happy families are the answer to 73% of our worlds problems! *Husband *Father of 5 *Co-Founder of Maker Studios & Trixin
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iPhone : found a pool in a snowy forest #YeMustBeBornAgain

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iPhone : Ethan Stanley Honestly trying to help people! Time will tell! It’s like educating people about electricity and they be like...What’s in it for him?

iPhone : James Martin There’s nothing they can do to stop it. They’ll just create fear which will make the price drop but only for long enough for the smart people to buy even more ;)

iPhone : Jake Fazio Yes! Maybe even in the next 18 months...But who knows?! If #BitCoin is going to do what people think it could do then each coin will eventually be worth a million plus!

iPhone : Kayla Ann 💍 No! Sorry. Just getting overly excited about BitCoin the last couple of days. Here’s a picture of me taking Avia to dance practice wearing a #Smilemore shirt! WooooHooo!

iPhone : Bitcoin is the best money we’ve ever invented. It will take a decade to build an economy on top of its blockchain. Be patient, the revolution needs to be strong, stable, and powerful.

iPhone : Don’t hate on crypto currency, educate yourself about it. In 5 years from now many people will be face palming thinking..”It was late 2017! How was anyone supposed to know?” Got my Dad his first 100 bucks worth of #BitCoin here >…

iPhone : For anyone who is newly interested in #Bitcoin, instead of going and blindly buying it, go instead and learn. Watch a couple docs. Read a book or 20 articles. The price is fun, but what really matters is why it exists at all, and the consequences to society now that it does.

iPhone : My brain is in a never ending spin cycle of deciding it's too late to buy Bitcoin and regretting not buying Bitcoin the last time I thought it was too late.

iPhone : It’s now at $14,400! You can’t even believe you’re tweeting this price to yourself in the exact same day!

iPhone : Paula YouTube Pay those bills! Money comes in cycles. You will be rich one day. You have a good attitude and your priorities in line. Save more than you spend! Don’t go into debt and take risks on opportunities that you believe in!