Twitter Web Client : If the EU wants to stop digital protectionism around the world, then it has to move its trade focus from cheese and cars to data flows and freedom of expression online:… #CEPSlab18

iPhone : Takeaway 2 from Conflict (in)sensitive? EUNPACK lab at #CEPSlab18: Basic assumptions of current conflict approaches formed in post-cold war moment, never questioned since.

iPhone : Takeaway 3 from Conflict (in)sensitive? EUNPACK lab at #CEPSlab18: #EU often lacks political strategy for conflict situations; shifts in focus are response to shifting priorities in Brussels, not on the ground.

iPhone : .Jean-Claude Juncker #CEPSlab18 “We are a Union of #solidarity. In 2016 alone, we offered asylum to three times as many refugees as the US, Australia and Japan combined. Thanks to our pro-active, European approach, we were able reduce arrivals to our shores by 63% in 2017.”

Twitter for iPad : Check out for Data on European opinion #CEPSlab18

Smarp. : "We need a #EUbudget that matches our ambitions. For instance, we want to be world leaders in #Renewables (...) If we want our Union to have a role in that, we must give ourselves the tools we need to make it happen." Jean-Claude Juncker at #CEPSlab18 ⬇️ #PCIList