iPhone : I can’t wait to sit out on a dark night in the backyard of my house and just have a heart to heart with my children and tell them of my mistakes and the challenges that I’ve faced in life so they won’t have to make the same mistakes I’ve made in my life. #Heart2Heart #MyFamily

Twitter Web Client : My jams! 😎 Fake Shark #Heart2Heart #FauxReal

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Mobile Web (M2) : Still on the topic #mydeadwifeisnotsodead
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Facebook : Thank you Nefesh B'Nefesh and the HUNDREDS of lone soldiers from the Nefesh B'Nefesh Lone Soldier Program (and Rabbi Joshua Fass!) for the most awesome pre-Shavuot Barbeque ever!!!

#heart2heart #becausewecrave #cravegrillrepeat #whatsyourceave —... facebook.com/gotcrave/posts…

Twitter Web Client : It's too late for save-the-dates, but I'm holding out hope for an appearance on our invitations! Hell, I'd even make a section on the website for the encounter. What do you say, Alan Alda? Let's get this trending! #Alan2Alan #Alda2Alda #Heart2Heart twitter.com/doctorjbc/stat…

iPhone : Rebecca I find biscuits help. Or booze. #heart2heart

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Twitter Lite : that hey we just raised $771 for Gay Summer Camp look. #Heart2Heart #CampTenTrees @drwilliamspics ❤️💜

iPhone : • GLORY STORY • Yairo’s hand gets healed and he accepts Jesus as Lord & Savior live on video! • Glory to Jesus! • #heart2heart #outreach #lifeisoutreach •