iPhone : Don’t pay any attention to this. They’re hoping you stay home, but Conor is counting on every single vote. 6 HOURS LEFT to get to the polls and VOTE CONOR LAMB! #PA18 #GOTV twitter.com/cpotterpgh/sta…

Twitter Web Client : ATTENTION:

If you tried to vote today and were told that you CANNOT vote because of a district change, please immediately call 724-655-3400.

Today's election is based on the old district & there were no changes.
#PA18 #RickSaccone

iPhone : Live updates on #PA18 election - Lamb is ahead but the polls just closed. Pennsylvania Special Election Results: 18th Congressional District nyti.ms/2tKwsyD

Twitter Web Client : THIS IS CRITICAL:

Republicans have tried to vote for Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania's 18th District and are being told they can't vote.

This election is based on the OLD district, not the new one. Let the Rick Saccone campaign know IMMEDIATELY if this has happened to you.

Twitter Web Client : Very first precinct is in, in Allegheny: It voted for Trump by 15%, and for Conor Lamb by 5.5%. (No, I won't do this for every precinct.) #PA18

Twitter for iPad : Higher taxes and less jobs. Remember this. #PA18

HERE THEY COME: Democrats release plan that would RAISE YOUR TAXES if they win in 2018 ilovemyfreedom.org/here-they-come…

Twitter Lite : Stop thinking voters care about #tariffs.
They don't have any idea what they are or how they impact them personally.
If they did, they'd be screaming about Trump screwing them with his
tariff lunacy.

iPhone : First 2 precincts in Greene Co. give Lamb (D) a 212-196 lead. Clinton (D) didn't come close to winning a single precinct there in 2016. Good news for Lamb. #PA18

iPhone : While we wait on #PA18 results, heres Daily Kos Elections complete guide to Pennsylvanias new court-drawn congressional map, with 2016, 2012, & 2008 presidential results by district & a whole host of other data: dailykos.com/stories/2018/2…