Twitter Web Client : Quick stat on UK national debt before the start of the #SpringStatement

£350bn - 1997
£977bn - 2010
(Under Labour - £627bn increase in 13 years while bailing out banks)

£1125bn - 2011
£1737bn - 2018
(Under Tories/coalition - £612bn increase in 7 years during austerity).

Twitter Web Client : The public finances were not 'decimated by the party opposite'.

They were the victim of a global financial crisis caused by an unremitting devotion to dangerous free market ideology.

That's the truth the Tories don't want people to know. #SpringStatement

Twitter for iPad : #springstatement coming up, better deficit figures than forecast at last Budget, but Ed Conway just showed this graph on just released OECD growth forecasts for this year:

Twitter Lite : The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an approaching train called #Brexit. #bbcdp #SpringStatement

Android : UK has seen first sustained fall in debt in 17 years, there is light at the end of the tunnel - Philip Hammond gives #SpringStatement

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iPhone : Tory cuts are causing 500 libraries, 300 children centres & almost 500 playgrounds to close. Almost £10m already cut from womens refuges

The Tories could reverse these cuts in the #SpringStatement by ending tax giveaways to the super rich. That's what a Govt #ForTheMany would do

Android : #SpringStatement
After listening to #PhilipHammond

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Twitter Web Client : I wish I didnt have to keep rolling this video out, but every time a Tory Chancellor lies about Labour crashing the economy, it has to be done. #SpringStatement

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iPhone : In Japan, photo exhibition on women’s tights (=body parts, not wear) was planned at department store.
Do you think it is art?