iPhone : Guys, I need clarification here 😂...

Magashule said “I’m sure President Zuma will respond tomorrow”

Question: Is it the English or the South African “I’m sure”?

English: I’m sure = I’m certain.
South African: I’m sure = Maybe

#ZumaRecall #ZumaExit #ANCNECPresser

iPhone : Before the opposition jumps to claim victory at the political carcas in Irene, let’s take a moment to thank
South Africans;
whistleblowers and;
for chipping away at this elephant for the past decade.
#ANC #ZumaExit #Zuma #ANCNEC #ZumaRecall twitter.com/thabisosithole…

TweetDeck : This #ZumaRecall is an internal ANC resolution, nothing more.

Has no effect on Zuma’s status as President.

Unless Zuma tenders his resignation, this recall is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Only parliament can remove Zuma through a MoNC.

Twitter for BlackBerry® : [FULL BRIEFING] #ZumaRecall: ANC confirms it is recalling Zuma >> ebx.sh/2BsVX9F

Android : #ZumaRecall we havent forgot.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Android : 😀 Its raining in Cape Town....didnt Zuma say he'd step down if that happened? #ZumaRecall President Jacob Zuma

Android : When you visit #Nkandla & everyone is heartbroken following #ZumaRecall
#ZumaExit #ANCNEC. Only in SA, courtesy of ENCA

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Android : #ZumaRecall EFFs Floyd Shivambu says the recall of President JZ is long overdue and should have happened 4 years ago. BM

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Android : #Sona2018



My lords I hereby tender into evidence exhibit ACEJZ101 for the record

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Android : This entire #ZumaRecall process

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Android : Ill only believe this #ZumaRecall when I see Jacob Zumas resignation letter, otherwise chill the f*ckout mzansi and wait for uBaba to pull another rabbit out of his hat. Abracadabra motherf*ckers

iPhone : #ZumaRecall #ZumaExit Dit is jammer dat #Zuma wat geen geloofwaardigheid meer het nie en wat soveel skade aan menseverhoudinge en die land se ekonomie aangerig het, steeds toegelaat word om aan sy magsposisie vas te klou. Pieter Groenewald