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Bio DMinDef- #AFG -Policy wonk,geopolitics is in my blood,economist,security & strategic studies analyst, avid reader & environment activist. Views are my own #RT.
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iPhone : افغانستان خانه مشترک تمام افغان هاست و قوت ما در وحدت و تنوع ماست.هیچ افغان از افغان دیگر برتر نیست مگر به تقوا، عزت نفس و معیار های تحصیل و‌تجربه در مسلک.داشتن تذکره حق مسلم هر افغان است. باید از صد و مرز های قوم، زبان و سمت گذشت و به این پروسه ملی بپیوندید.

تذکره من-هویت من!

iPhone : 1. Civil service& teachers’ entry exam was conducted in Kandahar today. 2k applicants competed in this first-ever merit based CS & teacher exam. I am particularly proud of those female contestants who challenged the stereotype of thier role & showed up for the test.IARCSC

iPhone : I spoke with NSA McMaster this evening about a wide range of issues including security. We stressed on the importance of combating terrorism. And discussed in detail preparations for the upcoming #Kabul Process conference.

iPhone : برای من‌هیچ حسی‌ والاتر و مقدس تر از اموختن نیست. زندگی شاگردی/محصلی/پژوهش را می‌ پسندم. به‌امید برنامه‌ها/صنف ها/فراغت های‌ آینده.

زگهواره تا گور دانش‌ بجوی!

iPhone : There is no greater feeling for me than a life of learning and being a student. To more graduations. #STUDENTLIFE #LEARNING #GRADUATION #NDU #NESA

iPhone : More & more Afghan women join our #army, #airforce, & #police in defense of #Afghanistan. They also participate in special operations assignments & fly combat aircraft. Women are truly the pillars of Afghanistan & continue making the ultimate sacrifices 4 our homeland. Tamim Asey

Twitter Web Client : “It is time for that to stop, and so we are working with our allies....to see effective action against groups such as the Haqqanis and elements of the Taliban...”U.S. pushes motion to put Pakistan on global terrorist - financing watchlist reut.rs/2BYMWqd

iPhone : I also reassured the officers that my administration will leave no stone unturned to prevent discrimination against female cadets, soldiers and officers in our national defense and security forces. #Afghanistan

iPhone : Today Im proud to have met female officers of our brave defense and security forces. I personally witnessed the dedication, commitment and resilience of our women soldiers and officers to defend this country. I promised to increase the numbers of women in our special forces.

iPhone : I received COAS of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in ARG today. Their arrival marks a new beginning of cooperation between the armies of #Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. We also discussed combating terrorism and boosting economic cooperation between our three countries.

iPhone : “Is Asma Jahangir naïve? If idealism is naïveté, then so be it. It is ideals that move history forward—think of Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Many thought they were naïve, but it was they who succeeded in changing the course of history.”

iPhone : Pashtun tribal leaders torch the offices of pro-government Taliban in #Pakistan. Is ISI support for extremists beginning to backfire? #Afghanistan #India

iPhone : گفتگو با بابک زنجانی تلویزیون خورشید: قانون جدید امور ذاتی افسران، بریدملان و ساتنمنان و اصلاحات در اردوی ملی افغانستان AOWJ EP THURESDAY 08 02 2018 اوج ـ گفتگو با تمیم عاصی معاون پالیسی و است... youtu.be/icbduJ-sMVY via YouTube

iPhone : I fully support the historical #PashtunLongMarch in Pakistan. The main purpose of which is to mobilize citizens against fundamentalism and terrorism in the region.

iPhone : Met Steve Coll today and had the honor of listening to his views on his new book - “Directorate S”. A humble, deep and very inquisitive man.

iPhone : گفتگوی من با تلویزیون یک: قانون جدید امور ذاتی افسران، بریدملان و ساتنمنان و اصلاحات در اردوی ملی افغانستان 1tvnews.af/en/video?id=jw…