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Bio Husband of Betty, the love of my life. Father of two great kids. USAF veteran. Member of Congress. In that order. Also, I dont take orders from Vladimir Putin.
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Android : “If we believe the President, that he and his campaign did nothing wrong, they should not be so freaked out” about a source that reportedly spoke with some aides about its possible ties to Russia, Rep. Lieu says cnn.it/2GCrq8D

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Android : “I’m a former prosecutor, and these are not the actions of an innocent person.” Rep. Lieu says Trump’s “continued assault” on the rule of law and the independence of the Department of Justice, “is highly disturbing.” cnn.it/2GCrq8D

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Android : Rep. Lieu: “To quote Sarah Huckabee Sanders: when you’re attacking the FBI because you’re under criminal investigation, you’re losing.” cnn.it/2GCrq8D

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Android : Today Reuters Top News reported the September 1 date that Rudy Giuliani said the Mueller probe would end was completely made up.

ICYMI, here is my interview from yesterday. google.com/amp/s/www.raws…

Android : Because Jim Gray has refused to take down his dishonorable negative ad attacking the military service of Amy McGrath, I just made a max out donation to Amy's campaign.

You can donate to Amy McGrath for Congress at this link: amymcgrathforcongress.com


Android : Dear Sarah Sanders: The issue with Haspel is torture, not her gender. And you know it.

You dishonor Republican Senator McCain and others who opposed Haspel by your unnecessary and misleading last sentence in the official statement below.

Disgraceful. twitter.com/PressSec/statu…

Android : Dear Donald J. Trump: Both the Republican & Democratic memos on the FISA issue agree that the FBI counterintelligence investigation started before agents had knowledge of the Dossier. Also, more and more of the Dossier has been corroborated.

Stop lying to the American people. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

Android : Perfect response from Republican Rod Rosenstein to Trump. Rosenstein knows FBI counterintelligence agents were doing their duty & is not afraid of any inquiry.

Now President Trump has no excuses: he must allow investigation against him to proceed without any more interference by him. twitter.com/neal_katyal/st…

Android : In honor of #NationalRescueDogDay, below is a picture of our dog Abbot, who we adopted last year from a rescue organization.

Android : "I do know that what he has done this morning with his 6 or 7 tweets about the special counsel investigation shows to me that he is scared. His smearing of the FBI and DOJ is harming our nation and has just got to stop.” Ted Lieu on Pres Trump snappytv.com/tc/8004332/555…

Android : “We know that Rudy Giuliani makes stuff up and then he has to correct it later. It would surprise me if Robert Mueller could promise a date certain that this investigation would conclude.” Ted Lieu

Android : If FBI operation was for political purposes, FBI wouldn't have kept Operation Crossfire Hurricane such a closely guarded secret. Clinton campaign & American public would have known about it in 2016. But we didn't. This was a legitimate & necessary counterintelligence operation. twitter.com/CNN/status/998…

Android : A President who has nothing to hide would not have done another series of tweets this #SundayMorning smearing the DOJ investigation. President Trump seems very scared of the Republican investigators. Thank you FBI Director Wray, Dep AG Rosenstein & Mueller for upholding the Rule of Law.