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Android : Further to LRT on unique art styles, it’s worth noting that a strong understanding & execution of basic art principles will improve work you do in any style. So a focus on practice & learning rather than trying to change from a style you love, will get you where you want to go

Android : HEY ARTISTS!!

If you're worried that your art style is too weird or unmarketable or won't get you paid work - speaking as someone who hires artists CONSTANTLY, I ONLY use people who can draw like NO ONE ELSE.


Be the best, most unique artist you can. The work will come.

Android : Did you know that the of the two P42 locomotives on the California Zephyr train, one is used for HEP - supplying power to the train?

Did you also know that the train runs on 1/40th of the 104,000 horsepower of the Converteam ship engines aboard the Disney Dream Cruiseliner?

Android : One of the nicest things about Train Jam is the sun falling through the curtains in the morning, well, that, and the 7FDL16 engine consisting of 4 axle-suspended GE752AH DC motors. instagram.com/p/BgbbE78Dxct/

Android : A shot of Train Jam here pulled into another station on its second day, about halfway to its destination, and looking straight down at a magnificent engine generating 4,250 horsepower at 1047 rpm, affording a max speed of 171km/h through 280.75kN traction effort.

Android : Dan Marshall It's pretty much "hero faces their weakness in a three-act structure with a overarching three-act character progression across three movies as part of an overarching main three-act structure across 20+ movies" times 20+ times

Android : Just wanted to post a picture of the California Zephyr train with Train Jam aboard, creativity barrelling across the US rails courtesy of two of the 321 45° V16, four stroke cycle P42 locomotive engines in service by Amtrak, one for traction and one as generator.

Android : Dan Marshall That is weird, I don't feel that way at all. I actually really like how each characters represents and embodies a certain archetypical movie-genre, despite all of them sharing a Marvel flavor.

Android : Kyle Krueger And what about if the person behind has medical reasons for not wanting to be reclined into, is too large for comfortable riding with the seat back in front reclined, or is having a bad day?