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iPhone : Not hard to imagine my mouth watering to a point where it’s safe for lobsters to dive in, live and thrive for generations. #LobsterfestGoals…

iPhone : The ONLY thing I see dangling here is Tillerson’s beautiful neck, which would look pretty appetizing to me on ANY table.

iPhone : A N I guess I really only liked the one where the kid put on the mask and it never came off. I thought that was kind of fucked up. But yea I went to King soon after. Also watched the Omen w/ my mom when I was 7. So...

iPhone : Paxton “Pac” Pacman (b. May 1980-d. February 2018) was a yellow guy that ate small circles while getting chased by ghosts - unless he ate a big circle, then he’d eat ghosts kinda. He died in a gutter, eating cigs. He leaves behind either his girlfriend or sister? Not sure.

iPhone : One reason why I gotta get out of my local Dodge Viper Vape Lounge and hit the net!…