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Android : we’re at a gamer bar with overwatch league on the TV screens (every advantage) and i asked two girls to play jenga with us

still got turned down
whatever all dudes F it

Android : Streaming with Reckful on twitch.tv/reckful today. New talkshow, hanging out, talking and chilling. Come

Twitter Web Client : Mark Cuban Rod Breslau Well, something I haven't seen mentioned is that OWL has client ad and in-game alert PLUS tokens for watching, which skyrocketed it's viewership. I have no dog in this fight but just wait until fortnite unleashes the juice, the numbers will be ridiculous.

Android : Sorry everyone, I needed sleep after being awake for so long. Stream tonight and early tomorrow :)

Twitter Web Client : twitch.tv/xqcow NEW EVENT POG. DIDNT SLEEP, HEADPHONES STILL BROKEN. Until dawn for variety later already downloading and setup. exciting.

Twitter Web Client : Good stream today, tomorrow even better. See you there thanks for everything <3. Maybe 100k and 500k tomrrow who knows

Android : Never posted a picture of the new hair so here it is for those who missed it.

Android : Literally all I want is to queue up ladder games, get mad yell at the monitor and slam my fking desk. Everything is so complicated

Android : Stream and beatsabre was Pog. Super short but I had to go to appointments + hair today. Variety is always insane let's do it again next stream 👉❤