Sprinklr : This week we celebrated Australias YES to #MarriageEquality vote. But other countries are still far behind. Tell Russia to immediately release openly gay human rights activist Ali Feruz: amn.st/6011D8M3D

iPhone : Woohoo...Love Is Love💜💛💗💚 #marriageequality #abouttimeaustrilia #LoveIsLove #Yes

Twitter Web Client : Brandis says 'no harm' in including statement in #marriageequality bill to protect religion. Well, except for encouraging legal challenges from religious fundamentalists seeking to expand the 'right' to discriminate. smh.com.au/federal-politi…

Android : First #marriageequality in Australia second the news about Mugabe in #Zimbabwe maybe next Trump will go on holiday forever. BEST WEEK EVER!

iPhone : Jacqui Lambie as a long time supporter of you im totally disgusted in you and the pain you think no voters are having atm! Think of the pain of having the nation vote on your love ! You suck ,Glade You’re Gone. #Auspol #SSM #MarriageEquality